A Valentine S Day Guaranteed To Go Off Like A Frog In A Sock

Valentine’s Day! What a great day for romantics at heart! Any excuse to celebrate a day of l’amour is in my opinion, a good excuse and on the 14th February cards, flowers and the whole love thing will be celebrated for many with romance and style. http://jptaxdr.com/

The history of this day has origins in both Christian and Ancient Roman traditions. As a matter of fact, there are many legends surrounding Valentine and the day it was yet to become. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia (1908) there are least three St Valentine’s recorded. http://www.getmowers.com/

One legend has it that in 269 AD in ancient Rome, Saint Valentine was secretly performing marriages and engagements in direct contravention of the Emperor Claudius II, who banned marriages and engagements in an attempt to recruit and enlist more soldiers (recruitment numbers were down because the men wanted to remain with their loved ones). Alas and alack it was all too good to last, when St Valentine’s secret was discovered, as punishment for his crime, he was thrown into jail, beaten with clubs, followed by execution. michiganbailbondsman http://www.discountcustomcabinets.com/

The legend goes that before he was beheaded on 14th February, he fell in love with his jailor’s daughter and wrote her a billet-doux (love letter). It’s said he signed off on his note with “from your valentine”. Many years later in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius declared a day of honour for Valentine and so began Valentine’s Day. https://abideinteriors.com.au/

Meanwhile, in ancient Roman days the 14th February celebrated and honored Juno, Queen of Roman Goddesses and Gods who was also said to be Goddess of woman and marriage. medicareadvantageplans2022

Another legend has it that Valentine was an early Christian who made friends with many children. The Romans apparently imprisoned him because he didn’t worship their gods. The children, missing Valentine, would hand him loving notes through the bars of his cell.

Whatever the legends, the 14th February is the day where many of us exchange cards (anonymously or not) and do something romantic for our partner.

Having a pretty good idea on what women want, flowers, chocolates, and a card (yes I know some of us are still waiting…) I wondered what men wanted and so asked a group of men if they could have something they really wanted what would it be?

The majority of responses I’m not able to reprint (side splittingly funny nevertheless) and asked them to think seriously about what they would like to have on Valentine’s Day. Never having been asked before, this proved to be a somewhat difficult question for them to answer, but soon started warming to this question.

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