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Dubai: A Dominica expat in Dubai offers a reward of 12,000 dirhams to anyone who can reunite him with his missing dog Hulkii.

Hulkii, a three-year-old American bully, disappeared from his mansion in Barsha South 1 on December 10, said owner Samer Saad, 32, who works in the advertising industry.

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Saad said that Hulkii, who is “super nice”, probably left the village through a side door attracted to a cat or dog. He was last seen in CCTV footage of his neighbor at 10pm on December 10th. Saad, a native of Palestine, said he reported a missing dog in Dubai municipality, made “missing” posters and spread the news on social media and alerted dog groups. in the United Arab Emirates.

“People might think, ‘American Bully, big dog,’ but Hulkii is super nice, he’s neutered and he’s not aggressive. He is not dangerous at all. He is the kindest dog, even with cats and other dogs and children. I just want people to know that if they see it, they shouldn’t be afraid of it; it’s not a danger at all, “Saad said. He has received some calls from people saying they have seen Hulkii, but Saad said people should send photos or video evidence so they can verify their Hulkii.

Saad said he took Hulkii from the UAE dog rescue group seven months ago. “They found him on the street, someone had abandoned him. They welcomed him and found foster families for a while. They did all the necessary tests and gave him all the vaccines and then they found me to welcome him permanently. They castrated him and handed him over to me. ”

Saad added that he is offering the reward of 12,000 dirhams as Hulkii’s market value is “very high”. He said: “Some people steal a dog and just wait for the reward call or find someone to buy the dog. I’m happy to reward anyone who has it, please come and give it. I appreciate people trying to find it. If anyone finds him or has an idea of ​​him, please take a picture so we can see it’s him. ”
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