10 Steps For Buy A House

The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying for Baldwin County – This is a great resource for buying a home in our area. As the name suggests, this article is the ultimate and most comprehensive guide you will ever need. Make sure you read this article!


Real Estate and Millennials: Millennials (born in the early 2000s) are now the largest generational group of homebuyers in the country. This is an in-depth article covering the stats and how this group is changing the real estate industry.

Divorce and Baldwin County Real Estate – Unfortunately, divorce becomes a reality for nearly half of us and the idea of ​​real estate is rarely a priority during this time. However, it is an inevitable problem that we will have to face. Here is a comprehensive article that goes into many details on how to manage real estate during a divorce.

The 21 Top Things You Should Never Do When Buying A Home – I’m Not Trying To Give You Orders, But I Don’t Do These Things! Here is a long article on what not to do while shopping.

Ten Common Questions Home Buyers Ask: When buying a home, it can seem like a thousand questions are running through your head. Here are ten that I listen to a lot.

11 Steps to Buying a Home – This page is an index to a great series I have created that details each step of the home buying process. From prioritizing your needs and desires to closing, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to help you with your purchase.

Step 1: Determine How Much You Can Afford – Housing costs are way more than you can find through an online mortgage calculator. This article will help you understand the costs of owning a home.

Step 2: Choose a Real Estate Agent – Your real estate professional will be your confidant and advisor when buying a home. Here you will find all the benefits of using a real estate agent.

Step 3: Get your mortgage pre-approved – This is one of the first steps in buying a home because you need to know how much you can afford before even looking for a home.

Step 4: Establish your needs and wants in a home – This article is about prioritizing what you have to have over what you want – must versus lust.

Step 5 – Time to Go Home Finding: House hunting is fun. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make your life easier.

Step 6: Make an offer: You have found the house and it’s time to write the offer. There are many factors in a purchase offer that you will discuss with your real estate agent. Here you will find the main elements of a contract and things to consider when making an offer.

Step 7: Get Final Approval For Your Loan – Once your offer is accepted, you need to make sure things are going well with your mortgage company immediately.

Step 8: Contingencies, Appraisal, and Repairs – There are a number of elements in a home purchase offer that need to be addressed. Here you will find extensive articles detailing the most common items.

Step 9 – Utilities and Insurance: Sometimes we get involved in other matters of our real estate contract that we forget to set up our utilities and buy insurance.

Step 10 – The final walkthrough – After everything is completed with your buy offer, you still have one step before closing. Here you will find things to look for on your final tour.

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